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Program length is set to your needs - 90 minutes, half day or full day.

All sessions include:
Handout packed with resources and tools that attendees can apply right away!
"Curbside Consultation" speaker with discuss specific situations
Discounts on selected books for healthcare managers. Available from Digital CPE Press Books.

Digital CPE Live Seminars are developed and presented by experts with experience in medical practice management and business.  Bring these seminars to your physicians and practice managers!

Current Seminars

 The Power of Business Plans for Medical Practices
This popular seminar is drawn from the MGMA/McGraw-Hill book “Medical Practice Business Plan Workbook” (now published by Digital CPE Press). Physicians confront a myriad of management problems every day, but a good business plan is the critical management tool to gain control of the practice. The model used here was specifically developed for the unique needs of medical practices. Attendees are guided through the elements of developing a business plan - to analyze and assess their organization in a realistic, systematic process. The outcome is the business plan that is oriented towards action - action that will take control of your practice and build the practice you want ..... and deserve. Includes a writing guide for each of the 15 components.

Compliance Plans in the Real World
It may be “voluntary” but a compliance plan is an effective tool to help insure that billing and coding practices are proper and demonstrates the intent of the physicians. For most small to medium sized practices, the task may seem daunting. Attendees will learn why healthcare fraud is a high priority for prosecutors, how to set up a compliance program that can work in a real private practice setting. Includes sample corporate policies and a sample compliance plan.

Practice Management Institute: Essentials of Medical Practice Management
Designed for physicians and managers early in their careers. Includes: organization, personnel, compensation, workflow, facilities, financial management (reporting, A/R, A/P), personal financial issues (life insurance, disability insurance), contracting with MCOs, marketing, compliance plans, mergers/sales, and developing a business plan.  

Practice Management Institute: Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
Ultimately, financial skills are critical to the management of any organization. This seminar focuses on skills that are applicable in the day to day job of the manager - how to understand and use the financial information available to them.

Essentials of Managed Care
Includes: Analyzing a contract, financial basics (risk pools, capitation, analyzing capitation and comparing to FFS), negotiating strategies and skills, costing and pricing services, and “hot topics” - compliance, fraud and abuse, quality of care. Conclude with an “Action Plan”

Practice Management Institute: Strategies for the Successful Practice in the New Millennium
Effective management can make the difference between a successful practice and one that scrapes by. This seminar delves into the critical management skills and practices for the healthcare world of the 21st century. Topics include: Conducting an operations review of your practice; financial management and controls; marketing 101; negotiating and managing managed care; patient satisfaction; using the Internet in your practice; fraud and abuse and compliance; mergers and acquisitions; and the "hot" industry practices and trends.